Insights from TED

Thomas and Ellen Corcoran family, Bill Corcoran tallest in back

The family of Thomas and Ellen Corcoran, late 19th century Ireland.

In chapter 3,  van Dijck explores the meaning and value ascribed to memory by Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. He writes: “By means of therapy, patients suffering from dementia and AD have long been encouraged to try to retain a sense of self by looking at old photographs and rereading old notebooks and letters. Supported by relatives and friends who want them to remember their (shared) pasts, one of the most frustrating problems these patients face is their growing inability to recognize themselves and their loved ones as depicted in pictures or described by words. Adding to this frustration is the increasing distance, due to memory loss, between a patient’s mental world and the (social) world surrounding them. The the AD patient, the past is disconnected from the present” (p.58). Below are two TED talks related to the fickle nature of memory and what we can do to empower ourselves.

“How I’m preparing to get Alzheimer’s,” by Alanna Shaikh 2012

“My stroke of insight,” by Jill Bolte Taylor 2008 



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