Big “T” Theory

Help us understand how theory can be applied to van Dijck’s central thesis that “we cannot separate the individual psyche from culture” (p.23). To what school of thought does van Dijck belong? Who are some of the voices of opposition?


In chapter 6, van Dijck introduces the concept of the “Home Mode” as a techno-social construct. He writes, “In his excellent study of the home video, James Moran theorizes the historical and technological specificity of what he calls the ‘home mode’ – the place of home movies or home videos in a gradually changing media landscape. Rather than identifying the home movie or home video according to its ontological purity or as a technical apparatus, Moran rethinks the home mode as a historically changing effect of technological, social, and cultural determinations – a set of discursive codes that help us negotiate the meaning of individuals in response to their shared environment” (p.131).

Cultural theorists: how do these ideas mesh with prevailing discourse?



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